NATIVE SOIL  is a limited edition 120 page hard cover art book with 115 quality reproductions.

Zographia publishing   2018

NS cover.jpg

This retrospective of my work is presented loosely in chronological order, spanning the mid-1980’s through 2017. The primary theme of my work, the universality of the local, is rendered in landscapes and streetscapes.

In three decades of living, working, and raising a family on Staten Island, I’ve recorded my personal arcs and environs. With its rich history, diverse architectural styles, and considerable geographic variation, New York’s greenest and quietest borough has presented unending vistas to me through a prism of perspectives, all endowed with intimate familiarity. This collection of work, a celebration and homage to the concept of home and the commonplace, is an alchemy wherein the prosaic becomes poetic, and the everyday is fertile ground for the creation of art.

“When Sarah came to the Rose Center to photograph me, it was full of planets and all kinds of space things; I like the way she chose to leave all of them out of my portrait.”

— Neil deGrasse Tyson

“She’s disciplined but generous. Beauty often gets into the picture. Sentimentality, never.

Naturally, it helps to have the right skill set. Yuster can depict the dramatic interaction of wind and light inside a deceptively simple situation, like a meadow ringed with autumn trees.”

—Michael Fressola

Roger Robinson, runner, scholar, and author calls Sarah Yuster, “one of the first professional artists of the modern running movement.” He notes that her painting of ultra-marathon runner Lou Rodriguez is a “technically daring image in dark oils of running at its least glamorous and most demanding.”

—Runner’s World



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